Monday, 9 February 2015

Prawn Curry Mee

Hi lovelies, I would love to share with you this indeed delicious, creamy, perfect prawn curry mee. I'm a huge fan of curry mee. I love the creamy, spicy, sweetness of the gravy. I got this blog that I've been following for some time and I love her website and the recipes that she shared most of the time. It's what we usually have at home here in the heart of Malaysia.

Recipe adapted by Nava-k

1 cup prawn shells/heads
6-8 fresh prawns - de-vein, leave the tail on and pat dry.
1 cup thick coconut milk
1/2 cup fish ball, cut into two
1-2 pieces dried tamarind/asam keping (can replace with tamarind juice)
1/4 cup oil
Salt for taste
Bean sprouts to serving, rinse.

For the curry paste
1 tbsp plain chilli powder (or as needed)
1 tbsp fish curry powder (or as needed)
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste
2 tsp onion paste
** Mix all together

For assembling (as needed)
Noodles - blanched to soften
Tofu pok or white tofu - cut into pieces
Coriander leaves - sliced


1. Simmer prawn shells/heads with 1 litre of water to obtain the stock.
Drain and keep aside.

2. Season prawns with salt and fry in oil till crispy.
Remove and keep aside.

3. In the same oil, fry curry paste till aromatic and oil splits.

4. Pour in stock, add tamarind, season with salt and continue to simmer.

5. When the stock starts to boil, pour coconut milk and add tofu, fish ball,
Simmer for another 1-2 mins.

6. Meanwhile, assemble noodles with fried prawns and coriander leaves.
Pour gravy/curry over and serve immediately.

The original recipe you can hop over Nava-k page. The recipe inquires very few ingredients but I can't help myself having the real prawn curry mee. I use the exact recipe just added the extra ingredients.


  1. Thank you and terima kasih Shazzy. Look so appealing.

  2. Hi Shazzy, beautiful and yummy prawn curry mee. Thumbs up and regards :)

  3. Looks super yummy! Can I have a bowl please...


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