Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Custard with Creamy Sauce

When I was small my mum often makes this for tea time or after dinner. It's cooling and topped with a warm creamy sauce, which it gives an amazing taste! Totally own it.

I decided to bring back to this simple yet delicious custard for teatime today. Plus, I was having friends over to help me with some works.

Making custard wasn't that hard and it less than an hour to prepare everything.


1 cup custard powder 

2 cups of water 

* Stir the ingredients together and make sure it not lumpy when you turn on the fire. Once its incorporated turn on the fire to medium heat, gently stir it continuously until the custard turns thicker. If you notice your custard became too thick you can add extra water to dissolve it. Then turn off the fire and slowly transfer into small cups and put them straight into the fridge.

Preparing the sauce:

Making the creamy sauce is actually quiet, simple and super creamy. You can always add flavoring to it.

2 eggs, room temperature

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup of milk 2 tbsp custard powder

1 tsp vanilla extract


* Pour the milk into the pan and beat the eggs, sugar and vanilla together. Transfer the pan to the medium heat, fire and add in the custard powder, gently stir the custard powder to make sure its not lumpy and continuously stirring to avoid the milk burn below. Slowly the custard sauce, turn slight thicker and you can remove it from the stove.


  1. I remember making it during for home science subject. Been ages I made again. I have the custard flour in the fridge. My nephews are coming over this weekend and gonna make. Thanks for the recipe. Surely very nice.

    1. Dear, oh sound great 2 me! He sure going to enjoys it as much we do :)

  2. I have eaten custard but not with sauce. I'd love to give this a try...


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