Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bhindi Masala

The other I had my lunch at Spice of India KLCC. The only option I can eat when Abraham is around. I love how they cooked the masala Bhindi and Bhoona Lamb..I didn't seem to get enough over it! I just gotta find this recipe and do it at home..

So I can eat as much as I want them! And definitely anytime I want..

I went to the fresh market yesterday to get my ingredients because I was making sure that I've cooked them today itself!

As, I was browsing for recipes today...I found this Masala Bhindi recipe which it strikes me right away..I love how the smells of the fresh okra as I cut them was so peaceful cooking today because Abraham is back to his old routine and I get peace to do the

I love okra and I could eat it everyday. I love it when it's mixed with spices, it brings out that amazing flavor, juicy at the same time. I guess most of the Indian recipes contains a lot of other ways to eat okra. I tried steam and I love it!

1. Fresh Bhindi (okra)
2. Chopped Onions -- 1Cup
3. Chopped Tomatoes -- 1Cup
4. Curry Powder -- 2Tbsp
5. Garam Masala -- 1Tbsp
6. Red Chili Powder -- 1Tbsp
7. Cumin Seeds -- 1Tbsp
8. Salt -- To Taste
9. Green Chilli -- 2
10. Oil -- 4Tbsp
11. Curry Leaves -- 5

1. First heat Oil in a Pan and add Cumin Seeds, Green Chilli and Curry Leaves.

2. Fry them for 2min and then add Chopped Onions to the Pan. Fry them till the Onions become transparent.

3. Now add Chopped Tomato to the pan and fry for 5min.

4. Then add the Cut Bhindi (Okra) to the Pan.

 5. Now add 1/2Tbsp of Salt and close it with a lid for 5-10min.
6. Later remove the lid, mix it well and let it cook on a low flame till the Okra is cooked nicely.

7. Once the Okra (Bhindi) becomes soft, add Red Chili, Powder, Salt, Curry Powder, Garam Masala and Mix everything Well.

8. Garnish with Gresh Coriander Leaves and Serve it Hot with Plain Rice.


  1. Being a south Indian, my veggies never have garam masala... I have to try okra this way.. looks yumm dear

    1. Thanks Sherin! Yup you gotta try it delicious ;-)


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