Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pizza dough - Only two Ingredients

Lovelies, I just gotta share this one..everyone loves a good pizza don't we? sometimes when make our own pizza it didn't turn out perfect as the food chain style. Sometimes even our topping turn out so so delicious..our crust may taste a little thick or something..even there are days you want to eat homemade pizza but you're just so lazy to prepare the whole dough thingy ingredients don't you? flour, yeast, water..and so on..Well, we do have those days. Just want something that is quick yet its taste good.

We add some generous amount of cheese and roll them to get the cheesy flavour from the inside crust. 

I discovered another way of making this pizza dough much easier for us. You only need two ingredients. Yes just TWO! that's Greek yoghurt and self raising flour..yup only that and you'll get your perfect crust and plus soft. Like for us, not only the topping plays the important parts but both gives you the smooth quality.

After you mixed these two ingredients you can straight add your topping  and bake them. You don't need to wait for it risen at all. These combination will help its to risen during your mixing. How easy right?!

All you need is 1 cup of self - raising flour and 1 cup of Greek yoghurt to make your pizza. and extra flour to dust your cutting board.

Mix the two ingredients together until they form into a ball. Next, flour your work surface and your hand so the dough won't stick, remove the dough to your work surface. Knead for 5-9 minutes. Roll it out to your desired. You can make it thickness or thinness and spread with sauce and topping then bake for 12 minutes.

We made 3 pizza. Well I love pepperoni so my husband agrees on putting the 3 pizza with it lol..the first pizza was beef peperoni, olive, bell peppers, fresh tomato, can pineapple, mozzarella and creamy brie cheese. 2nd one we put button mushroom, olives, peppers, cheese, chicken pepperoni and the dough we mix it with cheese as well. My husband  loves cheese..he will continuously add on until you just gotta stop it lol..for the 3rd, the add cheese edges of the crust and roll them.

You just gotta try this awesome dough!


  1. My dough turn out to be watery n sticky?

    1. Heni if your dough turn out to b watery u can add some flour.


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