Friday, 16 May 2014

Chicken Tender with Sweet Potato

I'm back from my short holiday and might go for another one soon. I love it! a break from everything for awhile its good :)

Today we deciding to dive into this delicious chicken tender for us. Its soft, crunchy and comforting. Really easy to make these beautiful crunchy chicken tender and we have black pepper mushroom sauce for the chicken. And we also made sweet potato wedges with avocado dips. We got all the nutrient in one meal walla!

To make the chicken you need : 1/2 cup high protein flour, pinch of salt, 5 tbsp warm water. Add the chicken in a zip lock bag then add all the other ingredients and give them a good shake! so its all mixed well. Leave them in the bag for 15 minutes. 

While waiting for your chicken you can prepare the black pepper mushroom sauce. You be needing mixed of button mushroom and shitake, onion, half cup fresh milk, salt, black pepper.  chopped the mushroom and onion. Add in the chopped ingredients in the low heat pan, stir it until slightly brownish then add in milk, salt and black pepper. Whisk them together, let it boil and put aside. 

Then prepare your sweet potatoes, you can get the orange or the purple one. We get these purple because I love the colour and our boy sure enjoy his meal more with so many colour in his plate. Peel it and cut them into wedges and you can deep fry them straight. We didn't add salt for this one, as we want to remain the sweetness :) .  Once it turn slightly brownish you can take them out and put aside.

Well, now you can start cooking your chicken tender!  heat the oil in a large pan. You can add in your chicken and close it let in cook in low heat. until it cooked and turn golden brown.


  1. Any measurement for the flour for chicken?

    1. Fali : you can put 1/2 cup of flour

  2. Any measurement for the flour for chicken?

  3. Hard to resist to those crispies..


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