Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chicken rolls stuffed with berries sauce

Last Weekend, me and hubs went to The Big Store supermarket located in Publika; I've been wanting to go as I heard they sell some serious meat and things you can't find in other supermarket, so last Saturday my hubs granted my wish and said lets go there and check out the things they have..yahooo...

Oh yeah! they do sells some delicious stuff here! were strolling through the chicken counter, I found this chicken rolls that come in 3 flavours; sweet & spicy, black pepper and tumeric! and stuffed with potatoes and chilis :)
I bought two sets, gave my mum one as I want her to try this delicious rolls too :)


So, when I got back I prepared the ingredients such as; the berries sauce. I try the one sweet & spicy and black pepper..which I thought this chicken rolls was enough for me and hubs. Realized it was not at all hehe..

Preparing the berries sauce : 1 cups of fresh mixed berries or frozen works well too!
2 tbsp brown sugar, stir them untik the berries sauce come out and  leave a little bits of it, you can turn them into ur delicious jam to eat with ur bread yum!!

Cooking the chicken; you can grill, bake or stir fry them..if you bake its nice you enjoy when its medium cook, cuz you can enjoy the juice from the marinate, same goes when you grill or stir fry it :) its always nice  to enjoy your meat when its juicy and tender.

You can garnish with fresh parsley and mixed berries sauce to enjoy this beautiful chicken rolls!! :D
you can store bought this chicken rolls or making your own too :) 


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